The DLSuperC shareware family of software is a comprehensive set of six programs for performing comparison of text or binary files that produces a varied assortment of comparison reports. The programs offer a large number of optional and unique comparison, listing, and filtering options. Large files greater than 64K text lines and huge binary files can be processed.

Ex IBM mainframe users of the "Best of Breed" ISPF SuperC program may note similarities in the style and results of the independently developed Window's shareware DLSuperC programs since they were all produced by the same originating author.

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DLSuperC : This flagship program is offered for comparing two text files using a large number of report options and input text filters for ignoring certain source comments. It is preferred for its expansive, yet simple and less complex interactive presentation with an, optional, up to 2000+ character per line report. It can also be invoked by the command line, a batch file or indirectly via a user program without displaying a user input panel. For non-programming source files, (ex. html address or data base line lists), the Clnc option can be used to compare two unordered list (i.e. unsorted) files detecting duplicate, matched, and changed lines. Note: Comparing a file against itself and using the Clnc option generates a report annotating duplicate lines within the list.

DLSuperCX : This is a useful extension of DLSuperC that compares any number of files (text or binary) within two different directories. See DLSuperC vs DLSuperCX topic for the programs capability differences.

DLSuperCTW : Compares two text files and detects text changes allowing multiple word and string-token delimiter definitions. It composes and highlights these changes using either separate colored lines or composed multi-colored changed lines.The Wcln option highlights these changes displaying up to a 2000+ character text line. DLSuperCTW with the Wcln option details a lower level of a change report than the more traditional DLSuperC line compare base product.
DLSuperCBT : Compares two binary files and detects byte changes showing where the binary files bytes have been added, deleted, or changed - resynchronizing itself between any number of byte mismatches. Note: Comparing a file against itself specifying a Long Report type generates a character/hex file dump report - as an alternate to a hex viewer program.

DLSuperCBF : Compares two complete directories and all containing subdirectories as binary files - detailing the changes in an explorer styled directory tree view and printable report. An ideal tool for comparing the accuracy of a newly created CD with the directory image source file.

DLSuperCRV : A Revision-Delta-Undelta Library Targeted Utility used to create a file consisting of only the changed data (ie. deltas) derived from a full source compare. Undelta-ing from a series of user saved back versions allows the recreation of any previous level of a full source version.