DLSuperC vs DLSuperCX

There are several added capabilities and differences in the single file pair processing between DLSuperC and DLSuperCX, namely:

DLsuperC Trial VersionDLSuperC

  • Batch file or indirect invocation via a user program or command line without displaying a user input panel incorporating multiple job steps with separate file comparison pair per step.
  • Default output file lines (up to 2048) generated in batch. DLSuperC and DLSuperCX, both, normally display up to 128 character lines in interactive mode
  • New Nlbx Preference Option for displaying full source (2000+ characters) lines in a new and different but expanded listbox format.
  • Four (4) Don’t Process Lines (Dlnx) with String-Only specified for code counting.
  • Three (3) Don’t Process Lines (Opsx) with Strings and Column positioning.
  • Four (4) compare column ranges allowed versus two (2) for DLSuperCX.
  • View of both new and old file lines for equal column comparison when excluded columns differ though an extra check box with new line ID EN-/EO- flagging.
  • Part compare (Pcmp) using line number limits for each file.
  • File list comparison for Content Matches as an unordered list (Clnc) where data line order of inclusion (versus execution order) is unimportant. The report can be, optionally, partitioned so all the matched, changed, and duplicate lines are in their separate sections using an optional check box.
  • Extra Dp options (Dudx and Dseq) for filtering comments from the compare set.

DLsuperCX Trial VersionDLSuperCX

  • Comparison of files using a “Compare Type” selection option.
    1. Single pair comparison using file names directly or with File Selection Panel.
    2. Directory comparison using directory names or Directory Selection Panel for all liked named files within the selected directories.
    3. Directory comparison using directory names or Directory Selection Panel for liked named files selected a selection list from the selected directories.
    4. Directory comparison using directory names or Directory Selection Panel for named files selected two selection lists from the selected directories.
  • Text comparison (Txal) Preference Option that overrides the detection of binary versus text file format and always inspects for line ending sequences.
  • Binary comparison (Abin) Preference Option that overrides the text context of the file or files and generates a summary table with only binary file(s) results.
  • Shortcut for processing whole directories (Aeqf) by recognition of time-stamp as equalent to members being equal which minimizes processing overhead.
  • Personalization of Summary Table Listing (Inpn and Chgo).