Shareware Notes

This is an announcement for the shareware versions of the DLSuperC family. These programs are NOT meant to be free. They can be downloaded and used, normally, for a trial period of 30 days. Please try them out and see whether you agree that – “DLSuperC is the best compare program you have ever used”.

The boogie man won’t come and get you just for looking and trying. Yes, sometimes it takes longer to evaluate a program and decide whether it is worth registering and become legal. So, we’ve made it relatively easy to test drive any of downloaded programs. All unregistered programs have a trial popup panel displayed prior to execution and only an unregistered notice appearing on top of the main panel during program execution. The trial popup panel will disappear after registration and a user or company name will appear in the registry notice on the primary panel. The complete capability of each program is at your disposal in all the trial versions. Registered users retain their registered status for all, subsequent, downloaded upgrade versions.


  • DLSuperC and DLSuperCRV feature batch mode operations.
  • DLSuperCX and DLSuperCBF are programs available for users who need a directory compare capability. DLSuperCBF (Using Compare/List Type ” 2. Compare All Like-Name Files – All Sub Levels”) will compare all included sub-level directory files.
  • The DLSuperCRV program generates full-length source revision-delta records. Back level regeneration is achieved by applying revision deltas to the last previous level. DLSuperCRV supports both Fixed and Variable length record files.

The following are unregistered shareware versions of the fully-licensed program.

DLsuperC Trial Version
DLsuperCX Trial Version
DLsuperCBT Trial Version
DLsuperCTW Trial Version
DLsuperCBF Trial Version
DLsuperCRV Trial Version